Sitemap For Large Sites

Sitemaps are one of the most effective search engine optimization techniques. Spiders or bots index pages on the web. When a search is performed, on any search engine whether Yahoo, Google, Bing or any other, the search is run on the indexed pages. You can use sitemaps to to have search engines index your website.

When indexing and scanning a page, search engine crawlers go through links in a site. It is therefore very important to make sure that you do not have any links that are broken (which normally leads to 404 errors). A link that is not working makes a bot to stop in its tracks, even if your other pages not been indexed. This will in turn deny you organic traffic. In WordPress, you can use a plugin called broken link checker to solve the problem with broken links.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most discussed topics when it comes to web hosting. It is one of the ways that leads to a good search engine ranking.

What Is A Sitemap?

A sitemap can be described as a number of pages on a website. They are responsible for showing the similarities or relationships that exist between the site components and the pages in the website. They also have more metadata about each page such as update frequency, update date and content types. A sitemap provides the following information to a search engine:

  • Types of content in pages;
  • A website’s structure with the pages it has;
  • Extra information such as image type, description etc on the content type.